Intention is everything. Your current experience of life is a result of your intentions, colliding with your beliefs. If you’re ready to live your best life, getting intentional will get you where you want to go. ‘Intentional’ just means taking care with what energy you are bringing to your every day existence. Becoming more mindful allows us to shift gear in to what we can consciously create for our life experience and intention settings is simply a practice of awareness. If setting goals or saying affirmations hasn’t been working for you, or you run in to blocks with the goals you’ve been setting, perhaps it’s time to apply some more heart to them.

Goals with soul. (As one of our favourite authors Danielle Laporte calls them).

Sound delicious? Read on.

Prioritise Stillness

Carve out 10-20 minutes to be with yourself (or make a ritual of intention setting with your friends or partner). Create a sacred space that you feel safe to relax in and inspired by to let your imagination run wild. We love to cosy up with a hot cacao by some candles or take ourselves out in to nature to ground. If you have a meditation practice, we recommend sitting for at least a few minutes to sink in to the space and in to your self. Clarity comes from focus and flow, so connecting with your breath and getting present is crucial here. Allow stress and worry to fade away as you step in to pure creative expansion time.

Setting Your Intention

Get a sense for what needs shifting or upgrading in your life. Break it down in to categories: finances, career, relationships, self care, health + wellbeing. Notice what category pulls your attention and explore what desire might be there. Perhaps you’re feeing stuck in your job, or unfulfilled in a friendship? Maybe you know you need more down time to relax or to invest in a program that offers the knowledge you need to make changes in your health?

Allow The Intention To Change Form

If you set the same intention time and time again, it may start to feel stagnant, boring or too distant from the present that your mind focuses on the gap of where you are and where you want to be. Start small and short term, and if you notice that your intention feels a bit stale, even if you’re asking for beautiful experiences or positive things, change up your language. Upgrade the words you use to describe your intention, jazz them up a little – this will invite new life and colour to a once-dull intention. For example: ‘I intend to be loving’ might start to feel a bit drab if you’ve affirmed it over and over. Try this: ‘I intend to make someones day brighter today, to bring the spark of love in to every room and meet every person I connect to with an open, kind heart.’ Feel the difference? Elevate your language and watch the intention shift form.

Release Your Intentions

Ah, the beauty and confusion of the following Zen-like statement: detach from the outcome of your intentions. Once you set your intention, let it go. Visualise it dissipating in the distance, like throwing a message in a bottle to the ocean and watching it get carried away with the tide (keep that visual in your mind though, the ocean doesn’t need more garbage!). In this step, it is important to realise that the state you were in when you set the intention is more important that the words themselves – so prioritise maintaining a beautiful state throughout the day. Surrender is the quickest way to manifesting your intention in to reality.

Let Go Of Needing To Know The ‘How’

Trust is key here. A tricky practice to cultivate when we’re at war with our monkey minds (repeat step 1 daily!). Trust is a practice to drop in to throughout the day, as often as you can, rather than a 5-step process. Trust is feeling taken care of and knowing that life is supporting you and guiding you. Our brains are powerful machines that create the ‘how’ so trust allows you to let go of any control and stress attached to your intention, instead focussing on the emotions you experience along the journey. That’s where life is.